Water Damage North Miami

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  • Mold Remediation and Mold Removal North Miami

    Caring for your health – and the health of your family or staff - is important; and for good reason. If you have any water damage in your property, you might be dealing with huge issues, which can have a massively negative impact on your building, in terms of integrity, and the inhabitant’s health.

  • Mold is a menacing and inevitable threat, if there is water damage or moisture in a building. It has been associated with health problems, such as; asthma attacks and allergy symptoms, rashes, memory loss, respiratory illness, and has even brought on fatalities from prolonged exposure (in extreme cases).

  • Mold can be an allergen (respiratory irritant) which affects many different people in many different ways. Concerns about mold have increased as the public has become more aware about exposure to mold, and about how it can cause a variety of health effects and symptoms.

  • Water Damage North Miami technicians are expertly trained to contain and remove all mold from the affected areas without contaminating the surrounding zone. We also use high-tech “air scrubbing” equipment, which can filter excessive mold spores and particles from the surrounding air in or outside a property.

  • Water Damage North Miami Specialists has a wide range of expertise in the assessment of damages caused by water and/or fungus. Using “State of the Art Techniques”, Water Damage North Miami Specialists address all of the issues.

  • This begins immediately, at the start of a source inspection, and carries on through; sampling, reporting and working out all remediation plans to the post remediation evaluation.

  • We take care of all the consulting and project management that is required at various stages in the entire remediation process, not only saving time and money, but also ensuring appropriate compliance and work practices by the remediation contractor.